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Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences, Lawyer and Notary, graduated with honors of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala; with academic experience related mainly to Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, Strategic Litigation, International Law, Intellectual Property, Law of New Technologies, Privacy, and Internet Governance.

Worked as Project Coordinator of the “Internet Bill of Rights for Guatemala” of The World Wide Web Foundation, promoting online Human Rights around the country, especially to give voice and empower the youth, women, indigenous and LGTBI communities. Founder member and former Vice-president of the Youth Observatory.

Currently,Public Policy Directress at IPANDETEC, working on privacy and cybersecurity policies in Central America, developing advocacy strategies and researches related to the harmful regulation trend and the violations of Human Rights. Researcher at the Institute of Legal Investigations of the Law Faculty of the San Carlos University of Guatemala. LAC Lead of the Women SIG, promoting the women participation on Internet ecosystem. Member of the IGF Guatemala and YouthLACIGF Organizing Committees.

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